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Classic Custom Ceremony

Making your Wedding Day special.

Planning your own wedding ceremony is no easy task -- it’s like writing poetry, public speaking and having the deepest conversation of your life all at once. Putting your promises on paper is an emotional, eye-opening and often extremely memorable experience. Up for the challenge? Dove Wedding Officiant Service Classic Custom will help you make your vows perfect. The planning of your wedding ceremony starts with an introductory meeting. If this meeting can not be in person, we can start off with email and phone conversation. The ceremony planning will begin with the Dove Wedding Ceremony Booklet PDF.

Planning your wedding ceremony is a happy task! It is also a task to be approached thoughtfully, for it is a ceremony in which you seek to express your deepest convictions about your relationship and about the marriage you intend to build together.

Putting your promises on paper

An extremely memorable experiencey

There are many and varied words to choose from in the Dove Wedding Ceremony Booklet. You may also include materials and symbols which have personal meaning for you, perhaps from a different religious tradition. You may want to include children or friends or family members as participants in the ceremony. Your meeting with the Dove Wedding Officiant has two main purposes. The first is for you to tell us about your present relationship and your vision and goals for your marriage. The second purpose is to help you make specific plans for the wedding ceremony. The Dove Wedding  Booklet is designed to help you do this. There are several choices for each part of the service. You may change, combine, or add to these choices as you plan your ceremony.

Pricing for the Classic Custom begins at $290. Final price depends on location, whether you would like us to facilitate your rehearsal and other factors.


Your environment

Making it Special